First, let us introduce ourselves: we are Sophie and Gijs and we are living together with our
miniature bull terrier in Hilvarenbeek, the Netherlands.

After getting our first mini our love for its race has quickly grown into a true passion. Our goal is to breed happy, healthy and sociable miniature bull terriers. Hereby we also would like to contribute to the preserverance and improvement of the breed as a whole.


The dogs are kept in our own home, and therefore the puppys are growing up in a very familiar and friendly environment. By doing so, we have a strong focus on the socialisation process of the dog.

The combination regarding pairing the dogs will be chosen very carefully, whereby dogs also have to live up to the required medical standards. We breed conform the bounding rules of the directorate of the Dutch Breeding Association (MBTV). Also, we are a member of the Dutch Breeding Association.


About us